Sickness brought a gift

It was a another day in the field. We were in India heading out for another day in the scorching sun of shooting. After a while you get used to waking up stressed and forcing yourself out in the field no matter how you feel. This was one of those days. I could feel my stomache turning and how this day would be extremely rough. After getting some of our finest shots I escaped to find myself in a bathroom. It was a traditional squatter toilet that you find all over Asia. All I could think about when I was in there was escaping to another realm, to another world, I didn’t want to be there squatting over a dirty hole exposing myself to this portal of darkness. This was the moment an idea formed, the idea of VirtuaLoo.


Escaping filthy bathrooms has never been easier. Now I can poop in peace.

Alfred Runow

A perfect fit.

VirtuaLoo was born in that cramped squatting toilet. It formed in my head and was the idea of creating a way of escaping our world. A way of getting away and enjoying that relaxing poop just like you were at home. With VirtuaLoo we want to give you the chance to poop at the top of mountains, in the middle of a crowd or even inside the world’s largest cave no matter where you are.